Windows 8

At Go Green PC we are constantly looking at and testing emerging technologies to help improve our low energy computers. All our computer systems will be tested with the upcoming new version of Windows known as 'Windows 8'


Windows 8 will contain a new user interface based on Microsoft's design language named Metro. With the change, the Start Menu has been replaced by a new Start Screen, where there are tiles that contain shortcuts to applications, similar to Windows Phones.
The new Start Screen interface has been designed for touchscreen input in addition to mouse, keyboard, and pen input.

A new authentication method allows users to sketch in three different places over the picture to login, instead of typing a password

Another feature expected to be introduced in Windows 8 is USB 3.0 support, without the need to load additional drivers.

Windows 8 will come with Windows Store, an online marketplace for buying, selling, applications, similar to the already available mobile phone stores.


Windows 8 will run much software compatible with previous versions of Windows for x86 family of processors, with the usual restrictions: 64-bit Windows will run also 32-bit software but not 16-bit ones.

Release Date

On June 1, 2011, Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 8 and some of its new features at the Taipei Computex 2011 in Taiwan

There has not been any official announcement yet for the release date of Windows 8, but rumours suggest it may be launched sometime in mid-late 2012, however it is still under development so it may be too early to predict.

Further Details

We will publish further details about Windows 8 as they become available.

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