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Go Green PC manufacture and supply a range of low energy, very small, eco friendly computer systems and provide a variety of energy saving computer solutions. With all our computer systems we aim to create the absolute best mix of affordability, performance, simplicity, and energy efficiency.

Switching to a Green PC can save you money on your electricity bills and help to reduce your carbon footprint.

All our energy efficient computers and servers are manufactured in Derby by Go Green PC to a very high standard using the latest low energy, high quality energy efficient components.

Click on the 'Green Computers' link to see details of our energy saving computer systems or click on the 'Green Servers' link to see details of our energy saving server systems.

Energy Saving Gadgets and Products - We have teamed up with Amazon UK to bring you a superb line of Energy Saving gadgets and Eco friendly products.

We not only have computer related products but a wide range of items that can help you to save money and reduce you carbon footprint.

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With the increasing cost of electricity, awareness of energy efficiency and carbon footprints is it time you considered using a go-green-pc ?

assembled in the UK