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  1. eco friendly computers Use a low energy computer !
    Replace your computer with a low energy computer system from Go-Green-PC !

  2. eco friendly intelliplug Don't leave your electrical items on standby
    Fit an intelliplug. This device saves an average 35 watts per hour depending on the number of connected peripherals. This product can pay for itself in less than a year of use. (Available Here)

  3. energy saving light bulbs Fit energy saving light bulbs
    Lighting accounts for approximately 25% of national power generation, so do your bit for the environment by fitting low energy bulbs, and save around 9 a year per bulb on your bill.

  4. rechargeable batteries Use rechargeable batteries.
    In the UK we throw away over 650 million batteries every year. Although some rechargeable batteries do have a slightly higher initial cost, this will be recovered after just a few charges.

  5. eco friendly Pay your bills online.
    You'll save money, time, paper and avoid any late fees by paying with a click of your mouse rather than having to write a check, seal an envelope, and lick a stamp.

  6. green kettle Only boil the amount of water you really need in your kettle.
    If you're using an electric kettle, make sure you cover the elements.
    Use the kettle to boil water for cooking, instead of heating a pan on the stove, it's far quicker and cheaper.

  7. green kettle Make sure your home heating thermostat isn't set too high.
    Reducing it by just 1C could save you a total of 40 (or around 10% of the average heating bill) every year and you almost certainly won't notice the small change in temperature.

  8. energy saving standby Set office equipment to use energy saving mode.
    Some items of equipment, such as photocopiers, have functions allowing them to use an energy saving mode during long periods of inactivity. These functions do not effect the performance of the equipment.

  9. eco phone charger Unplug chargers that are not in use.
    If you leave a phone charger or other similar style charger plugged in permanently you're wasting energy most of the time, since these types of wall chargers drain energy even when the device is not plugged in.

  10. running tap Don't let taps run.
    Water usage is becoming an increasing problem, with each of us using an average of 150 litres a day. While you clean your teeth get into the habit of turning the tap off.

  11. green water butt Use A Water Butt.
    Water butts collect the rainwater from off your roof which you can use to water your plants. Used correctly a water butt will provide all the water you need to keep your garden alive throughout the long hot summer months.  Even without a hosepipe ban it doesn't make sense to be using high quality treated drinking water on your garden, plus plants actually prefer rainwater.

  12. fridge / freezer Don't leave the fridge / freezer door open.
    Don't leave the fridge door open any longer than necessary and defrost freezers regularly. Try and keep the freezer full as it uses less energy when full. NEVER put hot or even warm food directly into the fridge - let it cool completely first.

  13. energy saving radiators Bleed your radiators.
    A radiator that has air in it is not working efficiently. A common sign that a radiator needs bleeding is if the top of the radiator is colder than at the bottom. And often the radiator worst affected will be the one that is at the highest point in the central heating system.

  14. A+ rated appliances Buy A+ Rated Appliances.
    When you buy a new electrical appliance, get an A or A+ rated energy-efficient model. These energy and water efficient appliances cost less to run, save electricity / water, save you money and contribute less to climate change.

  15. eco friendly printing Print in Draft Mode when possible.
    Printing in draft mode can use up to 50% less ink or toner. The print is slightly lighter but still more than adequate for many tasks. Draft Mode can be selected in the Printer Properties dialog box under Print Quality.

  16. eco friendly printing Use Eco Friendly Web Printing.
    Tired of printing web pages only to find your printout is full of ads, empty space and other junk you don't want?
    PrintWhatYouLike is a free online editor that lets you format any web page for printing in seconds!

  17. car tyres Keep Your Tyres Correctly Inflated.
    When tyres are under inflated, they are less "round" and require more energy to move. As such, under-inflated tyres increase fuel costs.   If each of your tyres is between 2 and 3 psi under the manufacturers recommendation, then your fuel consumption will be around 10% more than usual.
    Properly inflated tyres are also safer and last longer.

Do you have any great eco friendly tips ?
Please send them to us and we will feature them here.

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