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Overview:  The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) is a legally binding scheme for the UK, which comes into force in 2010.

Participating organisations will have to measure and report their energy use and then reduce their emissions and/or sell/buy emission reductions via a trading scheme.

The new commitment will save businesses 1 billion by 2020, according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Carbon Reduction Commitment Background Information:  Following the 2006 Energy Review, the Government published a White Paper on Energy which introduced a new framework for addressing the UK's commitment to reducing energy use in large non-energy intensive organisations, known as "Carbon Reduction Commitment" or "CRC". Further to the objectives set out in the White Paper, a draft Climate Change Bill was proposed which establishes government powers to implement schemes which would enable the CRC to progress. The Climate Change Bill received Royal Assent in 2008 to become the Climate Change Act 2008.

For further information on the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme please visit the DEFRA guidelines for businesses website.

Carbon Reduction Commitment

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